We specialise in all employer-sponsored nominations and visas, representing employers and nominated employees in various occupations and industries.

Other visas

We handle applications for:

  • family visas (partner, parent, child etc)
  • student visas
  • visitor visas
  • business visas

After hours service

After business hours and weekend appointments and services for urgent cases.

MRT cases

MRT appeals for all visa and nomination refusals and cancellations. Expert advice, submissions and representation.

G’day! Welcome to Australia

We are a professional consulting service offering a comprehensive range of migration-related services. We provide:

  • migration advice and complete visa assistance (our registered migration agent MARA #0102034)
  • educational counseling and study guidance for international students
  • job search assistance and career coaching
  • settlement advice
  • referral to other professional services

Our Principal,

Mr. Ireneusz (Irek) Lasocki,

is an Australian registered migration agent (No. 0102034), a member of Migration Institute of Australia (No. 1253), and also a qualified and experienced educational counsellor, an experienced lecturer and educator, and a past labour market consultant . A graduate of Australian and overseas universities, he himself is also a migrant who understands your plans, wishes, dilemmas and often difficult decisions facing you.

Destination Southern Cross is a comprehensive consulting service for immigration matters and studies in Australia.

Business migrants

  • business options
  • investment
  • business plans
  • government sponsorships

Skilled migrants

  • independent
  • sponsored
  • Australian graduates

Students and graduates

  • educational counselling
  • career coaching
  • employment consultancy
  • PR options

Family visas

  • spouse
  • parent
  • other family visas

Destination Southern Cross offers many years of service to migrants, employment assistance, and years of personal academic experience in Australian education and training (academic, vocational and English as a Second Language).


We asked our clients about our service. Here is what they say.


Thank you, Irek We have gone through so many difficulties all these years, so much bullying from the agents we had. I am so happy that we met you now. You probably don't realise Irek that the job you are doing is changing so many lives for the better. Thank you for being honest, helpful and bringing hope to our lives.


Irek thank you so much for all your efforts and that hard work in my case. I would say Irek has used all his vast experience and his smart work to get me out of the hell. I am sure that no other immigration agent would have helped me so much in my case; or you can say my case has become a case study. The way Irek has handled my case was really unbelievable. Last but not least, Irek is a trustworthy, reasonable and hardworking immigration agent. I would highly recommend his service.
I would like to say he is "A ONE-MAN SHOW" OR "A ONE-MAN ARMY"

Raj Sharma

Hi Irek I just want to thank you for this great news, finally we got our residency with your great successful efforts. Thank you very much for done everything for me.

Biju and Varinder

I am very thankful to you for your guidance and help throughout the application process as I have been struggling to get this visa for last few years.

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Email: youremail@address.com
Phone: 0 1800 1800 1234